Luis Gillman 

CEO of Optimater

Luis Gillman is a Chartered Accountant (SA) CEO of Optimater.

He is a published Business Author and has over 20 years of Business Experience.

He has designed an award winning Computer Based Costing System and has created MS Excel models which evaluate multi-billion dollar transactions.

He has spent much time promoting his own business and others through digital media including SEO, Facebook and PPC (Google Ads).

He has created a Udemy course entitled:

Google Adwords PPC Success in 2019: Google Pay Per Click Ads

Let the Students Enrolled in the CEO’s Udemy Course speak. 
Number of Students Enrolled in Udemy course: 

5,681 students enrolled from 124 countries

Hayley Gillman 

COO of Optimater

Hayley Gillman

Hayley uses her extensive experience in corporate environments; managing projects and operations to optimize customer service.  She has worked in various sectors from transportation to banking. Her passion is assisting companies in realizing financial benefits through automating mundane tasks.

Helen Fenton 

Head of Marketing of Optimater

Helen Fenton – Head of Marketing

Helen is the head of marketing.  She has published extensively on the 4IR and automation on numerous international websites.