Google Ads for Educational Institute

Google Ads is a powerful advertising tool that helps you to reach more customers efficiently. It enables you to know their preferences and needs and to boost your sales at the same time. However, is Google Ads campaign for Education Institution right for you?

Of course! If you’re one of those educational institutions in South Africa and you would want to get new customers outside your local market, this is the ideal answer for you! If you want to boost your web traffic with Google Ads, follow these tips below to get the most clicks:

Establish Dedicated Landing Pages

Do not send all visitors to your homepage. You can establish a dedicated landing page, which provides a fast overview of your educational institution in South Africa. You can provide them a chance to get more details by following you on Instagram and chatting with a representative.

Back it Up with Organic Contents

Did you know that paid search isn’t a substitute for organic search? The website of your school must be up-to-date and offer useful resources for every visitor. The majority of people will click organic search results and not those paid ads. Thus, be certain to include all your bases.

Go for Long Tail Keywords

Long-tail keywords are the phrases, which people always search. For instance, “Which university in Port Elizabeth has the best business marketing program?” You see short-tail keywords like “business marketing” will produce more volume, but are less qualified. Google AdWords offers you the chance to rank for both keywords, but short-tail keywords will always be much costly.

Take Advantage of Negative Keywords

You can also employ negative keywords to sort out keywords, which bring unqualified traffic to your site. For instance, if you prefer the keyword phrase “architecture program in Johannesburg” but find out that you’re getting visitors who are looking “architecture jobs in Johannesburg,” you could filter out the term “job.”

Wash and Repeat

You need to test the keywords to identify which one brings you the best traffic. Remove the bad keywords, determine negative keywords and be alert for new ones, which could be advantageous.

Allocate the Right Staff

You need to guarantee that you have a dedicated and experienced person organizing your Google Ads. Take note that it must be checked regularly. AdWords accounts, which go unmonitored for several weeks or months, are assured of spending some cash on unqualified traffic. So, if you don’t have anyone on staff, it is always worth paying a reliable company to operate your campaign.

In our experience, Google Ads for Educational Institute is the highest performing digital marketing tool for South Africa schools. Nonetheless, it needs a commitment to strategy in time. We hope this post has helped you point you in the best direction to get started.

If you are looking for a team to help you in this case, we’ve got you covered!