Google Ads for Electricians

Are you part of the electrical contracting industry in South Africa? If so, you already know how competitive it is to generate new leads on Google. Not just that, if you do it improperly, it can quickly get costly.

Electricians are home service professionals, which come to homes to offer a service. You see, they have a unique set of attributes. They are location sensitive, as they go to their customer’s place. An electrician only markets in the regions he is willing to travel.

No matter if it’s a home in a small South African suburb or a big company seeking to set up a base in a hectic business district, electricity is considered a basic need. With the increasing demands for electrical contractors and electricians, your business could boost its profits by knowing how to determine and target potential customers.

You could create location-specific ads

As mentioned earlier, location is a huge deal breaker when we talk about this industry. That’s true, particularly when the customer wants services he can afford faster as compared to one who takes a few hours to commute.

Google Ads for an electrician in Johannesburg could even drill your business down to a radius of several miles. Using location-specific keywords in your ads such as “Johannesburg electrician” or “best electrician in Johannesburg” will attract more customers and revenues as well.

Testimonial-based Google Ads

Trust is crucial and the only driving force within the service industry, for the most part, if you are running as a one-person army. For an electrician who does not have a service providing company, but operating on his own, your customer testimonials could establish a market base.

Getting your clients to give you testimonials or feedback and plugging that on your Google Ads will allow you to be one step ahead of your competitors. Following tips to include testimonials in your Google Ads could do wonders:

  • A specific portion of your website highlights reviews
  • Video testimonials on your homepage
  • Testimonials on landing pages
  • Using review extensions

Support phone calls via Google Ads

Did you know that phone calls could have more potential for clarity concerning messages or emails? That’s true especially when we talk about concern-specific services a client needs. What’s more, a phone call establishes trust.

Below are a few ways to support phone calls using Google ads for electricians:

  • Mobile friendly landing pages
  • Phone text broadcast on the landing page
  • Call extensions
  • Call only advertisement campaigns

If you are only looking for a team who can offer you Google ads for electricians’ services, we’ve got you covered! We have created proven and effective Google Ads strategies, which uncover a torrent of fresh customer leads for electrical contractor businesses.

We are already presenting high-quality leads for electricians across South Africa – and we can do it for your business as well!

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