Google Ads for Florists

Are you one of those florists in South Africa who is still spending your florist advertising budget on Yellow Pages listing? We know that is somewhat intimidating at first. And that is why online marketing is considered one of the most practical ways to reach a wider audience of prospective clients for your flower shop.

Apart from organizing the flower arrangements, running the deliveries, and handling your books, how many florists in Johannesburg have time to learn the pros and cons of the different online advertising services? If this sounds familiar, Google Ads might be perfect for you.

How Does Google Ads Work for Florists in Cape Town?

Google allows you to bid on search terms such as “florist” or “florist in Port Elizabeth.” You can select to include a text ad with those terms. Google also enables a marketer to bid on ads and puts the best content and most-clicked sites at the top.

If you use Google AdWords Express, all you need to get started is to provide them information about who you are and whom you prefer your ads to reach. Typically, it will include the following:

  • Headline to run your ad
  • Maximum monthly budget
  • Your florist website
  • General description of what you wish your ad to be

The rest, AdWords Express will handle.

As you might know, Google Ads are one of the keys to establishing your florist website business. No one must be operating an online flower shop without Google Ads campaign. But, how do you get started? Following are some of the pointers you need to remember in building a successful ad campaign.

Do not forget to approach this as a trial and error task at the onset. It will take some time for you to get the right formula.

  • Domain Names

Google will offer your ads a quality score based on your domain name and the content on your page. Your ads will do much better if your keywords are in your domain name. For instance, if your keywords are “Bloemfontein florist” and your website is, it will do less well than if your website is

  • Deep Linking

You can link some of your ads to particular subpages instead of the front page. For instance, you can link ads for birthday flowers to your birthday page, link your weddings ads to a wedding page and more.

  • Monitor your Conversions through Google Analytics

You must determine if your advertising is making profits for you. Using Google Analytics allows you to see which of your flower orders came straight from Google Ads.

  • Use Location Specific Keywords

You need to pick your domain sensibly. Do not waste your time on the keyword “florist.” Remember, you are competing against giant retailers who can outspend you. As an alternative, go for “Durban florist” or “Durban best florist.” Do not forget to utilize whatever keywords you pick in your ads!

Do you want to get the best Google Ads for a florist in South Africa? Look no further. Our team can help you!