Google Ads for Hotels and Resorts

As with other businesses, hotels and resorts struggle in driving great web traffic. But things have changed today. AdWords has been popular as an effective marketing tool for hotels and resorts. Although it can cost an arm or a leg, it is worth the investment. Aside from the online presence, the returns can be quite rewarding.

Is Investing in Google Ads for Hotels and Resorts a Perfect Choice?

Many businesses always look for ways to save some cash. Hotels and resorts are no exception. Various businesses are tempted to grab the cheapest solution for their marketing needs. While it can be money-saving, it can lead to more unnecessary expenses.

Experts encourage everyone to spend a few bucks on a quality yet effective AdWords. Although it can be costly, the ROI is higher than what you imagine. It’s a little tricky to bid for hotels and resorts as cost per conversion or cost per click is high. Plus, the industry is competitive.

However, on the bright side, Google search is the number one touch point for booking or research. It is a great place to build brand awareness, increase online visibility, and help reach your target customers over time.

But, sometimes many businesses in countries, including South Africa do not take Google Ads for Hotels and Resorts seriously. Well, the competition is difficult in any industry. But the good news is that it’s worth your effort.  Whether you’re engaging in hotels or resorts, this kind of marketing is a viable way to bring traffic and boost your pool of customers with just a click of a mouse.

Whether you engage in a hotel business or haven’t set up an Adwords campaign for Johannesburg, Cape Town and other parts of South Africa, you are missing out on several prospective clients. There’s a worse case than that. You’ve been losing potential customers to your competitors. But it does not mean when you incorporate it into your marketing efforts. You will automatically have an edge. It’s not as easy as that. For hotels, resorts, and other businesses, it’s imperative to get the most out of it. A simple mistake can lead to unnecessary expenses in the long run.

Right PPC Keywords for Hotels and Resorts

When taking advantage of Google Ads for hotels and resorts in South Africa, choosing the right keywords for your campaign can be a headache. Is using long tail keywords ideal? Are mainstream keywords helpful? Good questions! The secret here is to balance them both in your campaign. 

When operating hotels and resorts in South Africa, it’s essential to target both short-tail and long-tail keywords. Why? It’s because it can increase your chance to get the most out of your campaign, reach your target market, and boost your ROI with the peace of mind.

Although most of the hotels and resorts cover a variety of services, it’s recommended to use proper and relevant keywords. Be sure it aligns to your business offerings. If your hotel is based in Johannesburg, Durban, or Cape Town, you can use keywords such as Hotel South Africa, Stay Johannesburg, Best Hotel near me, and more.