Google Ads for Plumbers

Do you need more plumbing contracts in South Africa? Do you wish to expand your plumbing business? For most businesses in the HVAC industry, Google AdWords could appear like a waste of money. It could be tricky to get the right individuals to click on your ads, persuade them to become a lead and close them as your new client.

If you are looking for strategies on how you can use Google Ads for your marketing campaign, here’s what you need to know:


Targeting the wrong keywords is one of the main issues plumbing companies in Johannesburg experience in AdWords. It is somewhat tempting to bid on every plumbing-related keywords, but that causes more issues than it solves.

You must test and assess your keywords. Open your AdWords account and carefully set your time to the last two or three months. Not doing this will lead to having insightful keyword data.

  • TIME

Unluckily, there is a reason why a lot of plumbing companies in South Africa waste money on the wrong keywords. That’s because they do not spend enough time in their AdWords account.

We truly understand you. You’ve got your own business to operate. You do not have sufficient time to go into your AdWords account daily or weekly. You see, that’s a huge part of the reason why a lot of plumbing companies employ marketing agencies to handle their accounts for them. 

Keep in mind that you must be in your account approximately once a week to maximize your AdWords account. You might not make lots of adjustments, but you must changing stuff every week.


Ultimately, the key to operating an efficient plumbing campaign in AdWords in Cape Town is quality tracking. You see, spending your time in your account does not denote much if there is no good data to look at.

Quality tracking simply means more than simply tracking click through rates. Do you want actionable data? Then you need to be monitoring conversions and new contracts.

Tracking every conversion actions will get you part of the way there. You can use CRM to monitor your AdWords click to the revenue they create. After you do that, you can employ that data to set your plumbing AdWords campaigns up for success.

It’s Time to Grow Your Business with Google Ads for Plumbers

After spending many years helping companies with their AdWords accounts, our team has discovered that running a successful plumbing campaign comes down to how efficiently you can perform on those principles.

If you are targeting the correct keywords, spending sufficient time in your AdWords account and tracking your results efficiently, Google AdWords can generate wonderful results for your plumbing business.

If you want more information about our Google Ads for Plumbers, feel free to call us today. Our experienced and professional team are always happy to help you with your concerns!