Google Ads for Restaurants

Restaurant owners are often faced with challenging veer of marketing options. It usually includes a massive onslaught from local newspapers, trade magazines, and radio stations. Such “traditional” mediums have been confronted with pressure from dining deal firms providing their clients with a big sale at your restaurant and putting bodies in your empty chairs.

AdWords allows users to choose a set of keywords and shows ads to Google search users who request those selected keywords. In your case, you could pick keywords such as “best restaurants in South Africa” and prepare a small ad with a link to your site, which will be shown with search results for those terms.

Google AdWords allows you to target audiences through geographical location. That means you won’t show your ads to users on other regions who are not likely to make a reservation.

Even though such companies full their end of the bargain by presenting instant results, is it the best bang for the money? Look at a few reasons why Google Ads for Restaurants is the best option.


When restaurant terms are searched on a mobile device, the consumer is searching for a place to dine straightaway. Being at the top of the search results will drive consumers to your restaurant immediately.

How many times have you’ve been in your car and asked your passenger to look for a place to eat? You see, being on the top options is valuable in this case. This isn’t a service provided by most dining dealing companies.


The restaurant industry is extremely competitive. Having your restaurant show on the first page of Google can be priceless. That means more traffic to your site, the perspective to remarket to consumers who have shown interest in your restaurant and a simpler way to persuade them why they must pick you.

Dining deal companies provide that too. However, they normally land their clients on your page in their system, not your site. When that occurs, you have limited tools at your disposal to attract the client, as they only show a limited amount of written and visual data.


If your site could take reservations online, you’ll be able to know what reservations came from your Google Ads effort. It will also allow you to know what your ROI is for the campaign. Often, restaurants waste a significant amount of money on a marketing campaign without a real measure of attribution.

Dining deal companies offer you estimated revenue numbers. Nonetheless, they aren’t based on reality and include the discount you’ll be absorbing as revenue.


You need to ensure that you optimize your Google+ page too so you can be included in the new search carousel of Google. Hopefully, you could take up three spots on that first page including Organic, Carousel and Paid Search.

Are you a restaurant owner in South Africa who has not tried using Google Ads? Don’t miss out a great opportunity!