Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing


R 3999/monthly
• Google Search
• Bing Ads
• 2 campaigns
• 2 Times a Month Management &Optimisation
• Fixed Term Contract


R 4999/monthly
• Google Search
• Bing Ads
• 4 campaigns
• 120 Ads and Ad Groups
• Up to 320 000 keywords
• 2 Times a Month Management &Optimization
• Fixed Term Contract


R 9999/monthly
• Google Search
• 20 campaigns
• 120 Ads and Ad Groups
• Up to 1.6 million keywords
• 8 Times a Month Management & Optimization
• Fixed Term Contract

PPC Advantage

Get Rapid Traffic to your Site
“Faster Results than SEO”
Not as vulnerable to changes in search engine algorithms
Useful when difficult to rank
Highly targeted traffic to web page
Stability and Agility


Winning Steps with 4 Structured Steps

Step 1: Keywords/Themes

1) Obtain various possible keywords from various sources
2) Devise themes from these Keywords
3) Input keywords and themes into our Spreadsheet
4) Input Negative Keywords

Step 2: Ads & Campaign

1) Draft ads for each theme ensuring that relevant keywords are used
2) Compose Ad Extensions
3) Devise a Campaign

Step 3: Uploading

1) Upload into Adwords Editor
2) Post to Google
3) Fix Errors

Step 4: Feedback and action

1) -ve Keywords
2) Quality Score
3) Adjustments/Apply Discount/Premium/Remove/Pause Ads/New ads

Improving quality score.

Quality Score is one of the most important numbers in your Google AdWords account, because it has far-reaching effects on your AdWords success. This number can decide the fate of your account. 
Importance of Quality Score


Quality Score

CPA Cost Change


80% Cost Decrease


64% Cost Decrease


48% Cost Decrease


32% Cost Decrease


16% Cost Decrease



16% Cost Decrease


32% Cost Increase


48% Cost Increase


64% Cost Increase

Stats from Wordstream

Google Display Network (GDN) Ads

Utilising the display network.

• GDN ads can be useful in certain circumstances, for example you wish to create brand awareness, there is a long sales cycle or you selling appealing products.

We will:

• Use Remarketing with GDN
• Utlize Managed Placements e.g. Target Specific Sites, interests etc
• Give them constant attention
• Look at all advertising formats (make your ads simple and visual)
• Consider Video Ads, Text Ads, Rich Media Ads etc

Devising profitable bid strategies.

• Is your AdWords account making money or costing money? The only way to know is to first understand the goals that your marketing initiatives must accomplish for your company to be profitable.

Once we have determined your goals, we then need to find a way to measure them. Only after these two steps have been completed can you begin to decide how much you should bid.

Organising campaigns successfully.

Successful account organization consists of three levels of decisions. The first decision is determining how many campaigns you need.

The second requires us to look within an account at the number of campaigns you need based on your targeting and budgets and determine how to properly organize the campaign settings. Finally, we need to decide how to organize your campaign’s ad groups so you have tightly themed ad copy and keywords.

Account organization is not difficult if you understand your marketing goals and the AdWords settings. Proper account organization is essential if you want to gain the most benefit from your AdWords marketing budget.

Extracting actionable reports.

Your AdWords account will accumulate a variety of reports

Creating a report consists of three steps: understanding what you need to know, extracting the data from AdWords, and analyzing the report. 

We will create reports and then take an in-depth look into each of the reports and learn